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Warning: A value of class "appdesign​er.interna​l.service.​AppManagem​entService​" was indexed with no subscripts specified.

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Guihai Yan
Guihai Yan 21 Apr 2017
편집: Ijab Zhan 20 Sep 2017
When I build apps, the warning always prompt when i run the app. How can i resolve this risk? Thanks.

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Wesley Crocker
Wesley Crocker 14 Aug 2017
I am also receiving this error when calling to open the app from a guide GUI.

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Ijab Zhan
Ijab Zhan 20 Sep 2017
편집: Ijab Zhan 20 Sep 2017
This is a warning for MATLAB's future feature change, which is thrown from an internal function. Acknowledge that this is a bug, and It will be fixed in future release.
A workaround for now is to turn off the warning - 'MATLAB:subscripting:noSubscriptsSpecified'. You can do it in the MATLAB Command Window by: warning('off', 'MATLAB:subscripting:noSubscriptsSpecified')

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