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Overlap two pcolor with different color and set up transparency

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Xin 22 Feb 2017
댓글: Xin 23 Feb 2017
I have two figures like below.
What I want to do is 1) overlap them into one figure. 2) set transparency at the place where they meet each other. The colour can be changed, can be any color where an overlap will look nice.
Many thanks
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Shaibal Ahmed
Shaibal Ahmed 22 Feb 2017
I have a similar question, would be great if someone could answer it.

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Chad Greene
Chad Greene 23 Feb 2017
What about this?
% Some sample data:
[X,Y,Z1] = peaks;
Z2 = flipud(Z1);
% Blue layer:
p1 = surf(X,Y,zeros(size(Z1)),'AlphaData',Z1,...
% Red layer:
hold on
p2 = surf(X,Y,zeros(size(Z2)),'AlphaData',Z2,...
grid off
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Xin 23 Feb 2017
Thanks for your reply! Another issue is that the two figure has different colormap, how would you deal with it? Is it possible to put two different colormap together in one figure?

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