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Using the mouse to select drag scope measurement cursors

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Justin Mellor
Justin Mellor 19 Jan 2017
댓글: Jon 6 Sep 2019
Using 2016b, I need to measure pulse timings from a standard Simulink scope. It does not seem to be possible to select and drag them using the mouse. The keyboard commands don't seem to work either.

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Justin Mellor
Justin Mellor 20 Jan 2017
I will answer my own question...
What had not realized is that you need to deselect the pan/zoom button on the toolbar to allow you to select a cursor. I kept selecting the different options for this function using the drop-down arrow, but actually clicking on the icon allows it to be selected or deselected. Seems obvious now!

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Jon 6 Sep 2019
Thank you for figuring this out. I was quite stuck. Couldn't find anything in the documentation either. I think it would be a good idea for the developers to deselect the pan-zoom when the user first selects the cursor measurement icon (Little ruler is clicked)

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Jeremy Clavier
Jeremy Clavier 27 Apr 2017
Took time to understand for me also: hereby 2 pictures with selected and deselected pan. Only deslected pan will enable you to drag the cursors!

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