Matlab on Ubuntu ?

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sendja450 2016년 12월 26일
댓글: sendja450 2016년 12월 30일
Hello; I'm new to MatLab and I'm a linux user, so I was wondering if I can run MatLab on Ubuntu. Is it possible ? if it's a yes; how can I do it?

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mizuki 2016년 12월 30일
편집: mizuki 2016년 12월 30일
Yes. System requirements for MATLAB depends on MATLAB version that you want to use. See the Linux tab of:
- System Requirements for MATLAB R2016b
- Previous Releases: System Requirements and Supported Compilers
You can download MATLAB installer for Linux from MathWorks website.
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sendja450 2016년 12월 30일
Thanks a lot. But when I wanted to download MATLAB installer for Linux from MathWorks website I got the msg shown in this pic

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