How to solve non-existent path error in embedded coder during external mode simulation?

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I'm trying to program a F28069 texas instruments board directly out of embedded coder (using the ti c2000 support package). The goal is to run an estimator and controller on the board, but to get started I'm using a very simple example of a blinking LED, combined with the multiplication of two random numbers. The simulink model is in the attachments. I can deploy the model to the hardware and run it: the LED starts blinking at the correct frequency, so this seems to work. However I would like to do profiling of the simulink model, while running it on the board. It is my understanding that this can be done via the external mode simulation. When I run external mode, the model builds and runs on the board for the time I indicated (LED blinks for e.g. 10 seconds), but I get the following error in the diagnostic viewer:
The path 'C:\ProgramData\Matlab\SupportPackages\R2016b\3P.instrset\ostermillercircularbuffer.instrset\ostermillerutils-1.08.02' does not exist
Where does this error come from and how can I solve it?
KR, Jorrit


Hari Desanur
Hari Desanur 2016년 12월 12일
The 'ostermillercircularbuffer' is a third party library that is integrated into the 'Embedded Coder Support Package for Texas Instruments'.
Try to reinstall the Texas Instruments support package and check if this solves the issue.
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Prashant Mishra
Prashant Mishra 2022년 2월 10일
Tried it multiple times. Didn't help. I'm using TMDSCNCDF28335. Sadly, i don't even see a gpio block with this name. Can you help?

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