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How to reduce the order of FOPID controller?

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mansoor zahoor qadri
mansoor zahoor qadri 17 Nov 2016
답변: Mukhtiar Ahmad 19 Sep 2019
I have designed FOPID controller by using Fomcon Toolbox.I transfer
the controller to work space and then it gave me a state space model of
large number of state. Then I used a command modred but its shows the
error that this command is not applicable to system having more zeros
than poles. Can anyone guide me how to reduce its order. I want to
transfer this controller in labview for practical implementation.

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I have downloaded fomcon tool box for fractional order system, it is very useful but I am getting difficulty to check the particular response for a transfer function. please provide me the guidelines how to get the response for that system.

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Mukhtiar Ahmad
Mukhtiar Ahmad 19 Sep 2019
Dear sir, I am an engineering student and struggling to install the FOMCON toolbox in the MATLAB 2016a.
Please help me the steps i need to follow to install it. If there is any tutorial please help me sir.

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