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Number of leading zeroes as a variable

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James 2016년 10월 24일
답변: Honglei Chen 2016년 10월 24일
I know that to print out a number with a certain amount of leading zeroes, you are supposed to use %0X, where X is the number of digits you want in your output. For example, sprintf('%06g',13) gives you the string '000013' as output. Is there a way to make the formatting value a variable? Something along the lines of
function x=leadzero(y,z)
I know it can be done with a for loop, but is there are way to implement this directly into the sprintf command?

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dpb 2016년 10월 24일
Fer shure, just write the format string desired dynamically--
function s=leadzero(Nz,z)
Nz for "Number zeros" seemed a better variable name than y as did an s for a returned string output variable...the format string expression can be wrapped inside the sprintf call, of course, just wrote it out for clarity here.

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Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen 2016년 10월 24일
y = 6;
z = 13;
sprintf(['%0' num2str(y) 'g'],z)

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