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Can you pause/stop/... movie() (without using implay)

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Otis 1 Mar 2012
편집: Walter Roberson 11 Jan 2014
I want to be able to pause, to stop, to backup, etc. a movie which will be loaded from a *.avi file. Yes, I know implay does all of that. However I need to create my own application (i.e. my own GUI for my specific needs) that does the pausing, stopping, backing up, etc. Can these functions be done to a movie started with movie() or will I have to write my own movie function?
Thanks a bunch, Bill


Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 1 Mar 2012
movie() will not be able to handle any of that.
You may wish to look through the MATLAB File Exchange, as there is a useful and hackable movie player there.
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