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Copying Profile results into Word/Excel

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James 2016년 10월 14일
댓글: James 2016년 10월 17일
I recently spent a full day running a large amount of simulations of a code through the MATLAB Profiler to see where things needed to be improved and sped up. Is there an easy way to copy the table of results into Word or Excel that will be easy to read?
I've tried copy/pasting as text in Word, but the table structure is not saved; I end up with a very, very long line of text and numbers.
I've tried pasting it as both Unicode text and as plain text into Excel, and the table structure is not saved doing this either.
I have also tried copy/pasting the source code for the page and viewing it in a browser. That looks even worse.
Any help would be appreciated. If there's no easy way to do it, I've got a suggestion for the next release of MATLAB!!

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Marc Jakobi
Marc Jakobi 2016년 10월 14일
Did you use?
p = profile(...)
If so, you could use xlswrite(). Otherwise, try saving the HTML results using
You can then open it in another program (e. g. browser) and copy the results from there.
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James 2016년 10월 17일
I didn't know about the profsave function, even though it's apparently been around for a very long time. That's exactly what I needed. Thanks for the help!

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