How to change the linewidth of a curve in a graph by using code?

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I want the sine curve's linewidth is 2.

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uu tsi
uu tsi 2016년 10월 7일
use linewidth
plot(x, y, 'linewidth',2)

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Adam 2016년 10월 7일
편집: Adam 2016년 10월 7일
Well, you haven't plotted anything with that code, but assuming you do:
hLine = plot( x, y );
hLine.LineWidth = 2; % Matlab R2014b or later
set( hLine, 'LineWidth', 2 ) % Matlab R2014a or earlier
or simply
hLine = plot( x, y, 'LineWidth', 2 );
all at once
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bainhome 2016년 10월 7일
sorry buddy, uu tsi is my friend, he ask me to ask him a question, just for the purpose of testing this new Q&A stuff, so i accept his answer, obviously your answer is great too. anyway, hope you don't mind.

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