how to transform 1 image to another .

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iffi kakar
iffi kakar 2016년 9월 8일
편집: DGM 2022년 11월 13일
i want to to show fade effect from moving one image to another
img1 = imread('a.jpg');
img2 = imread('b.jpg');
img1 = double(img1);
img2 = double(img2);
d =(img2-img1)./20;
f = img2;
subplot(2,2,1), imshow(uint8(img1));
subplot(2,2,2), imshow(uint8(img2));
for i=1:20
f = f + d;
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John D'Errico
John D'Errico 2016년 9월 8일
So what is the question? Did you have a problem? If you had no problem, then why did you post a question?

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DGM 2022년 11월 13일
A very simple correction:
d = (img1-img2)./20;

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