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Petri net toolbox installation problem

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hend 31 Aug 2016
편집: David Jelínek 2 Oct 2019
I downloaded the Petri Nets toolbox from PN toolbox but I having problem in installing it, I have matlab R2014a, plz help

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 1 Sep 2016
Please describe the difficulty you have in installing, including mentioning which operating system you are on, and copying any error messages you have.
For example I could guess that you are trying to install on a Ubuntu 15.04 system whose graphics drivers need to be updated and needs to be relinked, but that guess might be pretty far off from what you are observing.

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wbadry 20 Oct 2016
The problem with newer versions (later than R2007b) that compiled files (p-code) is no longer supported. Sources files need to be recompiled again with newer version.

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David Jelínek
David Jelínek 2 Oct 2019
편집: David Jelínek 2 Oct 2019
i also tried installed petri nets for matlab from this sites and i got into trouble on step to rewrite "classpath.txt" because i need to authorization from the owner or from the admin. What can i do now if i need this instrument, any suggestions?
I am using Matlab 2018a 64xbit
Thank you

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