How can I disable font smoothing within a figure annotation textbox?

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I want to globally disable font smoothing for all text entries within figures, since smoothed text looks very poor.
I can toggle font smoothing for all axes elements (Title, Ticks,Labels) and I found in the forum how to do it for the legend.
But I can not find how to do it for the annotation textbox. Global setting for the figure or axes does not affect the annotation box.
How can I switch the smoothing off for text in an annotation?
I use Matlab 2015b


Morteza T
Morteza T 2016년 3월 11일
You can change the graphic smoothing attribution of any object off or on like easily. for whole figure you can do like this:
f = figure(1);
f.GraphicsSmoothing = 'off';
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cokakola 2016년 3월 12일
Sorry, this seems to be a good answer to another question.
First: I want to switch of *Font* Smoothing
Second: The legend and the annotations are special Children of the Figure, they do not follow the global figure settings.
Unfortuanately, the command f.FontSmoothing='off' has no impact on the text in an annotation textbox.

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