how to load variables from files when you know the file name?

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So I have 11 files in a folder named pv01.dat to pv11.dat. I have used the following to load the data into the workspace:
datafiles = dir('*.dat'); %%Finding all dat files
num = length(datafiles); %%counting how many
name = {}; %%Getting the name
[~, index] = sort(name); %%sorting the name
name = name(index); %% " " "
for i = 1:1:num %%loop loading data
So I have a string with the name of every data file called name. How can I then use these strings to extract data from the files. Ideally I would like to be able to carry out the equivalent of:
P{1} = pv01(:,1);
P{2} = pv02(:,1);
P{3} = pv03(:,1);
P{4} = pv04(:,1);
P{5} = pv05(:,1);
P{6} = pv06(:,1);
P{7} = pv07(:,1);
P{8} = pv08(:,1);
P{9} = pv09(:,1);
P{10} = pv10(:,1);
P{11} = pv11(:,1);
In the loading loop but in a very compact and reusable way. I cant seem to fathom how I can get the file name string into the load command. I can envision having to truncate the extension .dat and leave the strings as pv01...pv11 and then use something along the lines of:
p{i} = truncated_name{i}(:,1);
But for obvious reasons this is incorrect. Any help is much appreciated.


Shivam Chaturvedi
Shivam Chaturvedi 2016년 3월 2일
Hi Alan,
You can use the load command's following syntax to load the variables from each of the file into a struct:
S = load(filename)
Then, the variables from the file filename would be loaded into the struct S. This works well for MAT-files. For more info and examples, refer to
Also I think you probably have a variable by the same name in each of those files as well. So, if it's like there's a pv01 variable in the file pv01.dat, then after loading all the variables I would get the variable pv01 by a special syntax like the following:
S = load('pv01.dat');
p{1} = S.('pv01');
% You can obviously replace the string constants here by variable names which
% are strings and it would work the same way
Hope that helps!


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