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How can I run matlab connected to arduino more than once?

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hamzah alamoodi
hamzah alamoodi 2015년 12월 20일
댓글: Hakki Eren Uzunyayla 2019년 6월 17일
I have a problem with connecting my arduino uno to matlab.. It actually runs perfectly for the first time but when I run it again it says this (Failed to open serial port COM4 to communicate with Arduino board Uno. Make sure there is no other MATLAB arduino object for this board. For troubleshooting, see Arduino Hardware Troubleshooting.
.. I'm using this command to connect: a = arduino('com4','uno') ..
If anyone can help here I would appreciate it ...
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Test Tester
Test Tester 2016년 7월 16일
And how can you clear e.g. arduino_board ???

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Esther 2015년 12월 21일
Are you running the connect command
a = arduino('com4','uno')
a second time while object 'a' still exists in the workspace? You only need to connect once.
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Sadi Mohammad Rifat
Sadi Mohammad Rifat 2017년 6월 18일
All you have to write a command "clear all" on the first line of your code . That's it.

Sumit Banerjee
Sumit Banerjee 2016년 5월 10일
You have to delete the object which you have created. For example, if you have this object arduino_board = arduino(port, board, 'Libraries', 'Servo'); then you have to delete this object in the end of the code, i.e. clear arduino_board; all the objects which you have created like this should be cleared.

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