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how can i put the elements of a character matrix in to another matrix?

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Joseph 20 Oct 2015
Commented: Joseph 20 Oct 2015
i have two arrays, A(57332*1) which is a character type array and consist of two Words:R and P. and B(57332*1) which is array of numbers. when i put A and B in to another matrix C(57332*2), it changes R and P to numbers 82 and 80 ! how can i put R and P as they are in to matrix C?

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TastyPastry 20 Oct 2015
Matlab will do this because it converts character array A into their respective ASCII values, P = 80, R = 82. In order to store non-homogeneous data types, you need to place the data into a cell array. You can do this by using num2cell() on your character array and your numerical array and concatenating the outputs together.
out = [num2cell(A) num2cell(b)];

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