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Plots are shown as upper left cropped on OSX in 2015b

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Knut 10 Sep 2015
댓글: Matthew Golden 15 Feb 2017
When plotting on my retina macbook pro connected to a non-retina external display, figures are always shown as a cropped upper left of each figure. I am guessing that this has something to do with the HighDPI/"LowDPI" modes that OSX presents to applications, but between this and the Java bugs and what not in later Matlab for OSX revisions, I am questioning myself: does mathworks test MATLAB for mac prior to releases? If so, do their setups deviate a lot from mine, or are they happy to ship products that are in such a sorry shape?
Being able to do a figure(); plot(1:10,1:10) ought to be one of the first things a QA person or automated test would check on any supported platform?
Sorry about the rant.

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Andy 29 Oct 2015
I'd like you to be aware of this Bug Report, which has a workaround patch for Knut's second problem (the poor sampling).
You will have to login to access this, but an account is free.
Unfortunately, the original problem reported above, where you see a quarter of the image, is not addressed. If you start MATLAB after you have set up the monitors, I think it will work for you.
I hope this helps.
Ira 27 Jan 2016
I am seeing a related problem to Knut's, on both R2015b and the pre-release of R2016a (I had hoped it had been fixed). I am running OSX 10.11.2 (El Capitan) on a MacBook Pro and get the issue with and without the external monitor attached. The behavior is that when MATLAB is started, the plots appear normal but after a while, they appear cropped at the upper right (i.e. only 1/4 of the plot is shown, see below)
If I re-size the figure, I temporarily see the full figure and then it reverts back to the cropped version. The only way to reliably fix it is to re-start MATLAB. Because of this issue, I am unable to use R2015b or R2016a.
Matthew Golden
Matthew Golden 15 Feb 2017
I am also experiencing this issue. I also have times when the fonts in the plot become oversized.
I am running Matlab 2016b on OSX 10.12.13
I have found that I just have to restart Matlab to get it working correctly again.

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