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fileattrib is returning the wrong (incorrect) results

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Matt 2015년 7월 17일
댓글: Matt 2015년 7월 17일
I have a GUI that asks the user via uigetdir for the location for some output files. As a check I want to be sure the user can write to that location. Here is the code
dn = uigetdir;
if ~(isequal(dn, 0))
if (dn(end) ~= filesep)
dn(end + 1) = filesep;
% check for writable directory
[~,fa,~] = fileattrib(dn);
if (fa.UserWrite == 1)
set(th, 'String', dn);
btn = findobj('tag','exec');
set(btn, 'Enable','on');
errordlg(sprintf('Directory: %s is not writable.', dn), ...
'Read Only')
Here is the result of that section for a directory that I do not have write permission.
fa =
Name: '*************************************'
archive: 0
system: 0
hidden: 0
directory: 1
UserRead: 1
UserWrite: 1
UserExecute: 1
GroupRead: NaN
GroupWrite: NaN
GroupExecute: NaN
OtherRead: NaN
OtherWrite: NaN
OtherExecute: NaN
According to the documentation I have write permission. I in fact do not. If I try to write a file I get a windows error stating as much. I can confirm I don't have permission through explorer. The documentation makes me think this should work on Windows...perhaps I missed something.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2015년 7월 17일
You are not the owner of the directory. UserWrite is the write permission that the owner of the directory would have.
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Matt 2015년 7월 17일
I found a function in the exchange that creates a directory and checks to see if the mkdir operation was successful. This solves the problem nicely. Thanks for looking into this Walter. I look forward to see what MathWorks says.

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