MATLAB 2014b Arduino Simulink programming of Pro Mini

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Donald 2015년 7월 9일
댓글: Donald 2017년 11월 27일
I am using MATLAB 2014b with the Arduino Simulink package to build a project for a controller which uses an Arduino Pro Mini (Atmega 328P processor.) The Arduino Simulink package supports the Pro and the Mini, but not the Pro Mini. The Pro setup doesn't include all of the Analog ports that the Pro Mini or Mini have, and they are required by my application. I am able to use the Mini option to build the object code but when it tries to flash it just hangs. I need to do a <ctrl>C in the MATLAB command window to free it up. I am able to use the command: dos 'C:/Users/vzsmpv/DOCUME~1/ARDUIN~1/hardware/tools/avr/bin/avrdude -V -F -C C:/Users/vzsmpv/DOCUME~1/ARDUIN~1/hardware/tools/avr/etc/avrdude.conf -p atmega328p -P //./COM8 -c stk500v1 -b 57600 -U flash:w:can_motor_control_3p5_2014b_rtt\can_motor_control_3p5_2014b.hex' to flash the controller and my code works fine. I have the correct com port in my setup (it complains about non-detected com port if I don't). Is there a config file somewhere that can be manually edited to change the programming options, or some other way to have the build process automatically flash the Pro Mini? Tools - Run on Target Hardware - Options doesn't have any useful options.
Thanks, Don
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Donald 2017년 11월 27일
After several emails with Matlab (back in July 2015) they said I should use “Arduino Nano 3.0” since it has the same hardware setup as the Pro Mini. That worked and I used it in both 2014b and 2015b.

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