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Using the SDI, can a user group signals by model hierarchy in CompareRuns pane

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I can "group by model hierarchy" signals in the "Inspect Signals", and " Compare Signals" panes of the SDI, however they remain un-grouped in the "Compare Runs" pane. The grouping options link at the bottom only appears in the "Inspect Signals" pane, hence I have not found a way to group in the "Compare Runs" pane.
Also, is there a way to set the grouping preference programatically?


Raghul Gandhi
Raghul Gandhi 2018년 12월 17일
Signal grouping hierarchy works in both Inspect and Compare panes of SDI. In the Compare pane, grouping options can be accessed by clicking on the gear icon in the tree table header once you create a comparison run. Alternatively, the
method can be used to set grouping programatically. Link to documentation:

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