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How to set default font size and style?

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K E 12 May 2015
In R2015a, how do I set the default text for plot titles, ticklabels, and axes labels to 12 point normal font?

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Star Strider
Star Strider 12 May 2015
I didn’t test this because I don’ want to change my installation or current property values, but see the documentation for Default Property Values.
Specifically, see if:
or to some font more to your liking does what you want.
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Peter Harrington
Peter Harrington 5 Feb 2019
does not work in MATLAB 2018
Error using matlab.ui.Root/set
fontname is an invalid class name

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Timothy Dalrymple
Timothy Dalrymple 10 Jun 2020
편집: Timothy Dalrymple 10 Jun 2020
I can't promise that his works in all cases, but I include this line at the top of my code and it sets all plots in my code.
So, I just skip the use of graphics root object (groot) set(groot,'defaultFontName','Verdana')
set(0, 'DefaultAxesFontSize', 18);

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