Facing issue with already given cell of Table based battery

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Karan Gupta
Karan Gupta . 2023년 6월 12일
답변: Sabin . 2023년 6월 26일
When I am trying to use an already given cell in Table Based Battery with one time constant dynamics, it doesn't work. It writes "Size of First polarization resistance, R1(SOC,T) must be equal to length of Vector of state-of-charge values, SOC by length of Vector of temperatures, T". Now if all of this data is already provided by inbuilt data for the cell itself then length of vector must be equal but it is not so. When I examined the already given matrices given there, I found that the length of vector is not equal. So, how can I make sure the provided data has same length of vector or is there any other way to resolve this issue.

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Sabin 2023년 6월 26일
The preset parametrizations are based on manufacturer’s datasheet. Not all parameters are available from the datasheet. The block will simulate with the preset data but if you change any parameter such as enable or disable functionality it may not. The parameters that are not computed from the datasheet will have the comment ‘% Parameter not set’ after the value. In this specific case you are enabling charge dynamics and will need to manually update the R1(SOC,T) and tau1(SOC,T) to match the size of SOC and T. Please note the R1(SOC,T) and tau1(SOC,T) will have the default values when you enable charge dynamics and not the specific values for the preset parameterization. I hope this helps.


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