(Enhancement Request)how to Create data files that the generated code reads at run time to support C/C++ code generation?

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As far as I know, coder.write and coder.read are functions that support serialisation/deserialisation at runtime in R2023a. coder.read supports C/C++ code generation, but unfortunately coder.write does not, and can only be used in a MATLAB environment. This has caused me difficulties as there are many complex structures that need to be dynamically saved and loaded during the running of my program. Hopefully future versions will enhance coder.write with C/C++ code support.

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Nathan S
Nathan S 2023년 4월 21일
Thanks for letting us know that you would like this functionality!
We will use this request to prioritize this feature in the future. In the meantime, you can use fwrite or fprintf (although they obviously are much more cumbersome for complex structures)
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cui,xingxing 2023년 4월 22일
Thanks for your support in this area, I had to abandon coder.write/coder.read in my previous problem, unfortunately they don't support both C/C++ code generation. I also tried to use the lower-level functions (fwrite/fread) to write generic arrays of structures, but contrary to coder.write/coder.read, the "read" functions I wrote myself do not support C/C++ code generation, while "write" does. but "write" can support c/c++ code generation. In short, the ideal result of simultaneous support is not achieved.

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