Code prover gives force refined shared variables analysis error.

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Husnu umut Okur
Husnu umut Okur . 2023년 1월 7일
댓글: Husnu umut Okur . 2023년 1월 13일
While Bug finder finds data race defect Code Prover can not find any shared variables defect and gives 'force refined shared variables analysis' error. I followed documentation to solve force refined shared variables analysis error but it didn't work. How can i fix this ?

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Anirban 2023년 1월 9일
Some more information is needed to answer this question.
  • Are you using a manual multitasking configuration? In other words, are you explicitly stating your tasks in the analysis configuration?
  • Is the error blocking the analysis? In other words, do you not get results at all? Can you quote the full error message?
Code Prover is a bit more strict compared to Bug Finder when it comes to analyzing multitasking applications. See:
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Husnu umut Okur
Husnu umut Okur 2023년 1월 13일
I am using manual multitasking configuration and analysis is completing. But in the result of analysis i get a warning. ' Important use of shared variables have been detected. ' and it does not find and show me shared variable defect.

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