i dont understand the error here, where do i put the parantheses??

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yasmine 2022년 11월 30일
댓글: yasmine 2022년 11월 30일
% The command below loads the following variables:
% y: vector of output data
% t: vector of corresponding times
% yss: steady-state output
load variables.mat
% Estimate the parameters of the underdamped, second-order system:
zeta = (-log(S.Overshoot/100))/((pi^2 +(log(S.Overshoot/100)) ^2) ^0.5) % damping ratio
wn = pi/((S.PeakTime)(1-(zeta)^2)^ 0.5) % natural frequency (in rad/sec)
K = yss(wn)^2 % gain


the cyclist
the cyclist 2022년 11월 30일
It looks like on this line of your code:
wn = pi/((S.PeakTime)(1-(zeta)^2)^ 0.5)
you are assuming that MATLAB will understand that
means you should mutliply a and b, but that is not valid MATLAB syntax. Perhaps you meant
wn = pi/((S.PeakTime).*(1-(zeta)^2)^ 0.5)


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