4-D Interpolation using interpn

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mary 2022년 11월 26일
댓글: mary 2022년 11월 27일
I have 4 vectors as input and 1 vector as output. I want to do an interpolation following the instructions given here:
where Xq1, ..., Xq4 are scalars and equal to Xqi = Xi(1) (it is just a test).
However, I got the following error:
Interpolation requires at least two sample points for each grid dimension.
If I look at section 4-D Interpolation, it can be seen that 4D grids are constructed and after these points are passed through the function and a 4D structure is obtained for V.
In my case, I don't have a function. I just have a vector for the output V.
How I can make it work with my vector type of data?
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mary 2022년 11월 27일
I'll do that. Thank you.

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