"Detect Increase" causes multiple identical HDL files to be generated with HDL coder

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I am encountering an issue with HDL code generation, simulink blocks from the HDL coder library are generating files for every instance in my model, this results in a lot of unnecessary clutter. I'm not able to make these blocks atomic because they are default library blocks.


Kiran Kintali
Kiran Kintali 2022년 11월 2일
Please consider this option to increase reuse of shared modules.
makehdl(dut, 'SubsystemReuse', 'Atomic and Virtual')
The attached module has multiple Detect blocks. They all generate single shared module/entity.
### Working on test_detect_inc/Subsystem1/Subsystem/Detect Increase as hdlsrc\test_detect_inc\Detect_Increase.vhd.
### Working on test_detect_inc/Subsystem1/Subsystem as hdlsrc\test_detect_inc\Subsystem.vhd.
### Working on test_detect_inc/Subsystem1 as hdlsrc\test_detect_inc\Subsystem1.vhd.
### Code Generation for 'test_detect_inc' completed.




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