Run app designer file on a Tablet

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Fabiola Cavaliere
Fabiola Cavaliere . 2022년 10월 9일
답변: Dhanesh Alagarsamy Chinnaraja . 2022년 10월 11일
I would like to run an *mlapp file (which I implemented in App Designer) on a tablet, using Matlab Mobile app. Is that possible? I've tried from two different devices but the *mlapp file is unclickable.
Thank you!

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Dhanesh Alagarsamy Chinnaraja
Dhanesh Alagarsamy Chinnaraja 2022년 10월 11일
MATLAB Mobile does not support running .mlapp as of now. MATLAB Mobile supports only MATLAB (.m) files, Live Editor (.mlx) files, and text (.txt) files.
If you are trying to run .mlapp on Android devices, you cannect directly use MATLAB App designer, you need use Simulink Support Package for Android Devices.
Please have a look at,


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