Change FEX submission to use offsite hosting

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DGM 2022년 9월 25일
When creating a new submission on the File Exchange, you have the choice of:
  • uploading to TMW's servers
  • linking to GitHub
  • linking to a different website
If you choose to upload directly to the FEX, you can always go back and link to GitHub later, but I don't see any way to do the same with the third option. You could always include the URL directly in the "Project Website" field, but you'll still have a Download link that has to link to a file on TMW's server. That's just going to cause tons of confusion.
Is there any practical way to do this other than deleting the entire thing and losing all the stats, reviews, and discussion? I tried creating a dummy submission to test with, but I guess I'm best friends with the spam filter now.



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