change the scale of colorbar

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Zhihan Wu
Zhihan Wu 2022년 8월 8일
댓글: Zhihan Wu 2022년 8월 13일
I wanna change the scale of the color bar. of the image below to [0 0.02]
I tried many method, like shown below
c = colorbar;
%c.Limits = [0 0.02]
%set(c,'ylim',[0 0.02])
but the outcome is like this. The colorbar become the same color. only the range changes instead of the scale. I want the colorbar to be different from 0 to 0.02. How should I do that? Thanks for answering!

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Karim 2022년 8월 8일
you can use the caxis command, simply add caxis( [0 0.02]) below the colorbar command.
c = colorbar;
caxis([0 0.2])
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Zhihan Wu
Zhihan Wu 2022년 8월 13일
I think my problem is solved. Thank you all!

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