Read date from .CSV in native format of yy-mm-dd

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Thomas Kirton
Thomas Kirton . 2022년 7월 19일
답변: Stephen23 . 2022년 7월 19일
I am importing data from a .CSV where the native date format is yy-mm-dd. Using functions such as readcell or readmatrix return NaN or Matlab ends up looping because it is having issues with the date format. How can I import this? The formatting of the date is not important, I would just like to have some sort of date stamp for organizational purposes.
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Stephen23 2022년 7월 19일
As far as I can tell, it is not possible to specify the pivot year when calling READTABLE et al. But you can do it afterwards:
T = readtable('test.csv','Format','%s%f')
T = 2×2 table
timestamp data ____________ ______ {'22-07-19'} 3.1316 {'22-07-20'} 2.7183
T.timestamp = datetime(T.timestamp,'inputFormat','yy-MM-dd','PivotYear',2000)
T = 2×2 table
timestamp data ___________ ______ 19-Jul-2022 3.1316 20-Jul-2022 2.7183


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