How to print value in Textbox in app designer

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Stephen john
Stephen john 2022년 7월 19일
답변: Kevin Holly 2022년 7월 19일
The dataset attached which is matlab file which includes Output name CombineOutput
i want to print Class 1 variable which is basically a cell name as StagPRFValue in pred 2.
I want to print unique values of Class 2 which DSPRFValue and DS Length in pred1
How can i do that
s = load('matlab.mat')
CombineOutput = s.CombineOutput
for z = 1:3
pred = sprintf('Cluster %1.0f Predicted PRI: %s\n',z,CombineOutput(z).Prediction);
app.TextArea.Value{z} = pred;
switch CombineOutput(z).Prediction
case "Class 1"
pred1 = sprintf('Class 2 Levels: %d\n Maximum Value of Class 2:%d\n Minimum Value of Class 2:%d\n ',CombineOutput(z).ValueStructure.Levels,CombineOutput(z).ValueStructure.DSmaximum,CombineOutput(z).ValueStructure.DSminimum);
app.TextArea_2.Value = pred1;
case "Class 2"
pred2 = sprintf('Class1 Levels: %d\n Maximum Value of Class1:%d\n Minimum Value of Class1:%d\n',CombineOutput(z).ValueStructure.StagLevels,CombineOutput(z).ValueStructure.StaggMinimumValue,CombineOutput(z).ValueStructure.StaggMaximumValue);
app.TextArea_3.Value = pred2;


Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly 2022년 7월 19일
Please see the app attached and make sure matlab.mat file you created is in your path before running app.


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