How do I insert a tree object generated by external function into App Designer?

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I am new to GUI and am really struggling to figure out these parent and container things. I generated a uitree object using an external function struct2tree
function [tree,container] = struct2tree(S,h)
%STRUCT2TREE renders the given structure as a uitree object
% [TREE,CONTAINER] = STRUCT2TREE(S) returns the uitree object and its
% container object rendered in the current figure.
% ... STRUCT2TREE(S,H) renders the uitree in the given container.
% [tree,container] = struct2tree(S,gcf);
% set(tree,'NodeSelectedCallback',@myNodeSelectedCallback)
% set(container,'units','normalized','position',[0 0 1 1])
if nargin==1,h=gcf;end
if isscalar(S)
root = struct2node(S);
root = uitreenode('v0','Root','Root',[],false);
name = inputname(1);
% [tree,container] = uitree('v0','Root',root);
[tree,container] = uitree('v0','Root',root);
And I want to display this tree in my app in App Designer, which already has an app.Tree object. No matter what inputs I use, it either generates the tree in another figure window (see below) or produces an error, wrong parent object or something.
What inputs and outputs should I use to make it appear in my app?
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2022년 6월 3일
What is the error when you pass the existing uitree as the second parameter to struct2tree()?

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