How to assign different files in the target folders?

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Hi all!
Suppose, I have several files in a folder named like this:
Please note that 20150408 means 2015-April-08.
Now I want to write a code that will go through all these files and will generate folders for each of the day in the same directory. For example, all the files that contains day 08's data with be moved to a folder named "Day08". Similarly, for day 09's data, it will be in "Day09" folder. I have a months of data and it contains files from day 01 to day 31.
Could you please give me an idea on how to efficiently write this code?

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Stephen23 2022년 3월 8일
P = 'absolute or relative path to where the files are saved';
for k = 1:31
D = sprintf('Day%02d',k);
X = fullfile(P,sprintf('*%02dT*.nc',k));
Y = fullfile(P,D);
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Ashfaq Ahmed
Ashfaq Ahmed 2022년 3월 9일
Hi! Thanks for the code. Unfortunately, it says
Unrecognized function or variable 'movefiles'.

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