How can I change the database and pretrained generator ?

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aseel aldossari
aseel aldossari . 2022년 1월 30일
답변: jibrahim . 2022년 1월 31일
I am working on this example
And I tried to change the database from drums to human voice by changing the track from here
%% Load Training Data
% Train a GAN using the Drum Sound Effects dataset [1].
% Download and extract the dataset.
%url = '';
downloadFolder = tempdir;
filename = fullfile(downloadFolder,'drums_dataset.tgz');
drumsFolder = fullfile(downloadFolder,'drums');
But every time I change the track it still plays the sound of the drums!!
A colleague suggested to me changing the pretrained generator!!..
% Download the pretrained generator.
matFileName = 'drumGeneratorWeights.mat';
%if ~exist(matFileName,'file')
% websave(matFileName,'');
ِِAnd now I am trying to link the relationship between the database and the pretrained generator..
And how do I change the pretrained generator if I need to change it?
And why is the pretrained generator used at the beginning of the example?
I am a beginner in Matlab .. Any information will help me ... Thank you

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jibrahim 2022년 1월 31일
Hi Aseel,
The example starts off by showcasing the pretrained network. The network was trained to produce drum-like sounds. If you want it to produce other types of sound, you will need to use another dataset and re-train the network. You can go through the 'Train the GAN' section to see how that is done.


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