I need help in configuring Git Credential Helper

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Daigo 2022년 1월 28일
편집: Daigo 2022년 1월 29일
I'm trying to setup Git Source Control based on this document but since I'm totally new to the Git, I'm a little be in a trouble.
In the section: Configure Git Credential Helper, the document says the followings:
To use Credential Manager Core on Windows:
  1. Download the installer from https://gitforwindows.org/ and run it.
  2. In the section on choosing a credential helper, select Git Credential Manager Core.
I installed the git but I'm not sure what the second procedure mean...Where is "the section on choosing a credential helper"? I didn't see such an option during the installation of Git. I also tried looking for it on Git GUI but couldn't find it either... Any help would be appreciated.
P.S. If you know an easier tutorial of the Git setup for MATLAB code, please share it with me.
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Daigo 2022년 1월 29일
편집: Daigo 2022년 1월 29일
I'm still not sure about the answer to the question above but I found a better tutorial for beginners:

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