Spatial Calibration of a graph, with demo

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Alex Perrakis
Alex Perrakis 2022년 1월 17일
편집: Image Analyst 2022년 4월 22일
Hello, i got this graph and i would like to calibrate the pixels to mm, i also got this demo from another user of the forum, i put the image it gets read, i follow the steps but somehow it is an endless loop. Has anyone used this demo and can help me?


Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2022년 4월 22일
편집: Image Analyst 2022년 4월 22일
It only loops asking if you want to calibrate, measure, or exit the program. So you calibrate once, then you can measure distances and areas as long as you want. Then you can exit the program.
You have to have something of a known length in the image. For example, is that a pipette? Do you know its diameter?


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