Identifying Contours on Map

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Holden Tranquillo
Holden Tranquillo 2022년 1월 6일
댓글: Ilya Gurin 2022년 1월 6일
Hello All,
I am trying to identify contours of lake maps for a project. Part of the difficulty is when contours in the original image intersect, and when names/numbers appear. The end goal is a set of closed, non-intersecting contours so that I can then use them to create a basic solid object from.
I have tried a number of things, but am not getting very far. Does anyone have any good ideas or methods to try?
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Ilya Gurin
Ilya Gurin 2022년 1월 6일
It's a pretty hard problem. Note that contours can't actually intersect, though.

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