Modelling a spinning disk attached to a rod in simscape multibody

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I am trying to model gyroscopic behaviour with a disk attached to the end of a rod. The rod is fixed at the top by a spherical joint. The system is supposed to behave like a pendulum, but also shift in trajectory due to the rotating disk, i.e. not just back and forth motion in a single vertical plane. I have defined spatial contact forces to model the contact between the base of the rod and top of the spinning disk. However, after defining the spatial contact forces between the disk and rod, the system only rotates about its vertical axis and there is no pendulum-like behaviour.
Could you please help me include translational behaviour into the system according to the rotation of the disk (and also stop the rod rotating along its vertical axis so that only the disk rotates along its vertical axis)?
I have added the draft model and diagram of the system below. I am trying to define a multibody system of which one element is a gyro or spinning disk, while the other is modelled as a rod which does not rotate along its vertical axis. Here is what I am trying to model, but with a spinning disk instead of a sphere.
Thank you for your help. Much appreciated.

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller 2022년 1월 10일

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