matlab code for image segmentation in HSL

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aziz alfares
aziz alfares 2021년 12월 14일
댓글: aziz alfares 2021년 12월 15일
hello , i am trying to get the result stated in the figure 6.42 ( e,f,h )in rafael gonzalez digital image processing third edition book
thanks a lot ,,

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yanqi liu
yanqi liu 2021년 12월 15일
yes,sir,may be use
clc; clear all; close all;
img = imread('');
im = imcrop(img, [205 5 265 140]);
hsv = rgb2hsv(im);
h = mat2gray(hsv(:,:,1));
s = mat2gray(hsv(:,:,2));
v = mat2gray(hsv(:,:,3));
subplot(4, 2, 1); imshow(im);
subplot(4, 2, 2); imshow(h);
subplot(4, 2, 3); imshow(s);
subplot(4, 2, 4); imshow(v);
e = im2bw(s, graythresh(s));
subplot(4, 2, 5); imshow(e);
f = im2uint8(mat2gray(h.*double(e)));
subplot(4, 2, 6); imshow(f,[]);
subplot(4, 2, 7); imhist(f);
h = im2bw(f, graythresh(f));
subplot(4, 2, 8); imshow(h);
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aziz alfares
aziz alfares 2021년 12월 15일
Thanks a lot for your answer

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