How to fix a discontinuity through interpolation

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MARCO LORENZI 2021년 11월 21일
댓글: J. Alex Lee 2021년 11월 23일
Good morning everyone,
I am trying to find an interpolation method that helps me avoid a discontinuity. In Particular, i made a lookup table periodic (from -180 to 180) using a wrapTo180 function. The plot i obtain is this:
The only problem i have is at 180 (and 180 + 2pi and so on). In this particular point the plot has a discontinuity.
Would it be possible to make the function continuous in C1 interpolating the values that come out of the lookup table? I'd basically like to obtain the same diagram, without the knee.
Thank you in advace for the help.
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J. Alex Lee
J. Alex Lee 2021년 11월 23일
I wonder how many terms in a Fourier series it would take to fit that well...

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