have the InstallForMacOSX full package in DMG, how to package for JAMF distribution to Standard users

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we have downloaded full package of DMG with InstallForMacOSX in DMG, we also have multiple "File Installation Key" and multiple license.dat files for multiple our multiple sites, want to see how can package Matlab for JAMF distribution to Standard (non-Admin) Mac users, we see there are non-interactive install for Windows, is there way for Macs?
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Dennis Liu
Dennis Liu 2021년 11월 17일
Received help from MathWorks support, we use JAMF and this is how I packaged for our non admin Mac users:
1. login to Mathworks.com > click My Account > click the Download arrow icon.
2. Click the “Download for macOS” link for the 130MB DMG installer file.
3. After downloading the matlab_R2021b_maci64.dmg file, double click to see the InstallForMacOSX app.
4. Run the “InstallForMacOSX” and login with MathWorks Email and password.
5. After login, you can click “Advanced Options” and “I want to download without installing” will no longer be greyed out.
6. Click Next to accept download location.
7. Click “Begin Download” to start download of special installer to development system.
8. In your Downloads folder there will be a MatlabR2021b\<datecode> folder, rename the <datecode> folder to MatlabR<version>
9. Move Matlab<version> folder to /tmp
10. Start Composer > and from /tmp, drag Matlab<version> folder to Composer, (may need to first drag a txt file in /tmp and drag it to Composer, then drag the Matlab folder for it to work, then delete the txt file) you should see under private/tmp/Matlab<version> in your Composer window (below):
11. In Composer, Click “Build as package”.
12. Upload the newly built package “Matlab<version>.pkg” using JAMF Admin.
### 13 - 15 we created a script that creates /tmp/nstaller_input.txt on system for site keys and license servers info that you would NOT need and I have removed from last line: add “Files and Process” > “Execute Command” > /tmp/Matlab<version>/install -inputFile /tmp/nstaller_input.txt ###
16. In JAMF, create policy for: Matlab<version>
add package: “Matlab<version>.pkg”
add “Files and Process” > “Execute Command” > /tmp/Matlab<version>/install

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