how to build the distribution of each feature of the learning data set(.xsls) ?

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Namratha Mulpuri
Namratha Mulpuri 2021년 10월 19일
답변: Pranjal Kaura 2021년 10월 27일
the data is with 5 features like date of purchase, house age, location, distance to nearest MRT station, and house price of unit area.


Pranjal Kaura
Pranjal Kaura 2021년 10월 27일
You could use the 'Distribution Fitter' App to fit probabilistic distributions to data. You can also go through the 'Data distribution plots' to know more about plotting distributions in MATLAB. One such plotting function is 'histfit'.
To read a 'csv' file in MATLAB, you can use the 'readtable' method.
Hope this helps!

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