How to use a real current source?

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Fernando Belda
Fernando Belda 2021년 9월 22일
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Hello everyone!
I have to simulate the operation of a battery under current demand. In this circuit I have to control a switch which connect and disconnect the battery when certain limits of voltage and/or current are overpassed.
My problem is that what I have to work with is a current demand curve, not the voltage demand. When I transform the data over time values to current values due to a current source, even if the switch is open, the current continues flowing. I think that the problem is that this source is ideal, so it has enough power to generate an infinite voltage so the current can continue flowing. I have tried with different types of switchs, MOSFETS, CircuitBreaker blocks and the result is the same.
Please, do you know of a way/block that I can apply to my circuit to the current curve but when the switches open this current is interrupted?
To simplify my circuit I have created this one with the same problem (also attached). The current demand as well as the switch control signal are generated by two different pulses:
-Switch Threshold: 0.5V
-Switch Control Pulse: Amplitude=1V, Period=100s, Pulse width=50%, Delay=0s
-Switch Control Pulse: Amplitude= +-5A, Period=400s, Pulse width=50%, Delay=0s
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Fernando Belda
Fernando Belda 2021년 9월 22일
This is hwhat the scope shows (real current and current pulse generator signal coincide).

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Jonas 2021년 9월 22일
Instead of using an ideal current source, use an ideal voltage source with a resistor in parallel.
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Fernando Belda
Fernando Belda 2021년 9월 22일
Hi Jonas,
Unfortunately I cannot do that because the purpose of the simulation is to apply exactly the current curve that I have to the battery.

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