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finding the centre line of the binary image

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Lord Thabet
Lord Thabet 2021년 9월 20일 3:38
댓글: Lord Thabet 2021년 9월 20일 21:54
I have been trying to find the mid points of the white pixel in binary image so that I can draw a horizontal centre line.
As shown in the below image.So I'm thinking that I can find the right and left side points and then from there I can find the middle point for each row and this will create a multiple points which will alow me to dwar a centre line.
please if any one would be happy to help me that would be great. Thanks in advance
This is the image that I have.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2021년 9월 20일 4:31
[rows, columns] = size(binaryImage);
leftEdges = nan(rows, 1);
rightEdges = nan(rows, 1);
for row = 1 : rows
t = find(binaryImage(row, :), 1, 'first');
if ~isempty(t)
leftEdges(row) = t;
rightEdges(row) = find(binaryImage(row, :), 1, 'last')
midPoints = (leftEdges + rightEdges) / 2;;
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Lord Thabet
Lord Thabet 2021년 9월 20일 21:54
Thank you so much that did help.

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