why are some integrals not solvable in matlab?

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pooja sudha
pooja sudha 2021년 9월 14일
편집: Jan 2021년 9월 14일
I am doing a integration in matlab but in answer the question is repeting. It is not giving any solution.
Is It due to precision/limit of matlab?


Jan 2021년 9월 14일
편집: Jan 2021년 9월 14일
Is it a numeric or symbolic integration?
Most functions do not have a closed form integral. This is a mathematical limitation. The solution can be approximated numerically only.
Functions with poles cannot be solved numerically also, because it is impossible to measure the area under the infinite y values. Discontinuous functions cannot be solved by Matlab reliably, because the standard integrators cannot find the locations of the discontinuities automatically. Simulink integrators might be able to handle this.
Before a specific answer is possible, you have to explain, which problem you want to solve with which tool.

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