Integrator Limited: Unwarranted reset

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Linus 2021년 8월 20일
I'm having issues with the Integrator Limited block. It slows down my simulation through Block changes (i.e. resetting because of reaching the limit) when it shouldn't reset:
My integrator has its lower limit at 0 and upper limit at inf. Once it reaches the lower limit (meaning output is restricted to 0), the 'Subsystem' puts out a 'false' (like in the picture) and holds that signal permanently. This results in the enabled subsystem which feeds into the Integrator being disabled. Thus the integrator is only fed a signal of value 0. This should result in the integrator output just staying at zero. This seems to work in some cases (i.e. duplicates of this system), but not always:
As you can see, the integrator still resets at every timestep.Now I wonder, how can this be? It seems to me that this is a bug. Any ideas?


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