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I am trying to run matlab as a client but I receive a licence manager error-16

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Dimitris Kaliakmanis
Dimitris Kaliakmanis 31 Mar 2014
댓글: Andreas Goser 31 Mar 2014
When I first downloaded matlab from administration center of my university and followed the procedure to install it, it runned ok the very first time, but there after keeps showing license manager error -16 when I am trying to launch the program. I have to say that I also installed license manager but I did unistall it after this problem occured with no effect. I also tried to uninstall completely matlab, delete remaining files, and reinstall it with no effect. The answer to licence manager error with code 16 did't help either.

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Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser 31 Mar 2014
The resolutions depends on e.g. your license type. Please call MathWorks installation support.

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