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how to design fractional order pid controller in matlab using simulink?

sakthi siva 님이 질문을 제출함. 6 Feb 2014
최근 활동 Mukhtiar Ahmad 님이 댓글을 추가함. 24 Sep 2019 7:29
design of fractional order pid controller in matlab

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I also wanted to know how we can design fractional PI controller.
Fractional order PID controller block is there in simulation library??

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Answer by Yazan Qiblawey on 17 Nov 2017

Hi, you may check this website, it includes a toolbox for that, it works in MATLAB/SIMULINK

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Dear sir, I am an engineering student and struggling to install the FOMCON toolbox in the MATLAB 2016a.
Please help me the steps i need to follow to install it. If there is any tutorial please help me sir.
Mukhtiar Ahmad:
Click on "Download from GITHUB". Save the file that comes up in a convenient directory that is not underneath where MATLAB itself is installed.
Now use your system utilities to expand the .zip file, which will create a new directory named AlekseiTepljakov-fomcon-matlab-e78e310
Now in MATLAB, give the command pathtool . When it comes up, click on "Add with subfolders" and use your system navigation features to navigate to the directory AlekseiTepljakov-fomcon-matlab-e78e310 that you created a moment ago. Click to "Open" that directory. This will bring up a number of names in the "MATLAB search path list".
Now before doing anything else, go to the left side of that window and click "Move to bottom", Now you can click Save and then Close.
The toolbox is now available for you to use from any directory.
@Walter Roberson
Thanks a lot for kind considersation and guidance, i follow all your instructiona and i got these things that i attach with it.
Thanks & Best Regards

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