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mwoles05.dll: Entry Point Not Found

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Marco 2013년 12월 13일
답변: kuan jiang 2019년 12월 17일
I'm working on a dll in VC++ which shall use engOpen to call the Matlab engine. When the code is executed, the call to engOpen fails. In the logfile it says:
Loaded '.......\MATLAB10bSP2\R2010bSP2\bin\win32\mwoles05.dll' First-chance exception at 0x77341d82: 0xC0000139: Entry Point Not Found. Unloaded '.......\MATLAB10bSP2\R2010bSP2\bin\win32\mwoles05.dll'
Any ideas?
I'm running MATLAB10bSP2 32bit and Visual Studio 2010 Professional SP1 on Win7 Enterprise. I have registered the matlab server. It's freshly a installed setting with no old versions of matlab or vc on it, so I assume all the dlls should be correctly installed.


kuan jiang
kuan jiang 2019년 12월 17일
i also have the same question ,did you figure it?

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